Our company is one of the leaders in the Russian forging and steel-casting market. We are open and aimed to work with the foreign customers.

Our advantages.

The latest political situation results in monetary depreciation, with a fall of ruble value almost twice. Hence we see a lot of benefits for the European metal industry players to cooperate with us. the best quotation. You would never overpay – we save your money and time. Our prices are absolutely adequate – that is why we often win tenders in a fair play.

Integrated approach.
If you become our customer, you will get a personal manager and the full access to all services. The service support is our major priority. We provide you with the professional advise on the choice of steel grades, development of technical documentation, certification, logistics.

Lead time.
Our company is a major principal, being a key customer for many manufacturers. We always keep track of utilization of capacity of our related partners, providing to our customers timely delivery. With 15 years of experience in forging market our business processes work very efficiently.

State-of-the-art technology
Technology is not at a stop, so we are also move fast in order to be in line with the leading developers: huge experience in solving complex, almost unsolvable tasks, rare brand-new steel grades, composite materials are available. If there is an opportunity to save money and reduce the lead time with a new technique – we shall do it for sure!

Our philosophy.
The most important thing – we love our job! Respect and devotion to a customer is our main concept. Money is important, but there is more to come. We have been moving ahead for 15 years and take now the leading place in the Russian forging market. Due to continuous price analyses of the suppliers we can offer to our customers.


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