Electromash JSC: a reliable manufacturer of forged pieces.

We offer preforms made in Russia, by steel-casting, press-forging and stamping process.

We guarantee:

  • the best price
  • high quality
  • reliable и timely supply

Send us an inquiry and we shall give you the best quotation.

Electromash JSC manufactures forged pieces on request. We supply forging to an industrial sector.

We are aimed at development and effective cooperation in the foreign markets.

If you are interested in cooperation, please feel free to contact us at sale@elmash.net

We manufacture forged pieces of high quality and in short term, offering wide range of steel grades.

We guarantee compliance to the international quality standards.

Steel grades for the foreign market

Country / Standard
USA Germany/Italy Great Britain France Japan Russia
Steel grade for export sales Material group/Hardness HB AISI / SAE W.Nr.|DIN BS AFNOR JIS GOST
Low-alloy carbon steel
17CrNiMo6 300-400 -------- 1.6587|17CrNiMo6 -------- 18NCD6 SNCM815 187X2H4BA
16MnCr5 200-330 5115 1.7131|16MnCr5 527M17 16MC4 SMnC420 18ХГ
34CrMo4 230-330 4137 1.7220|34CrMo4 708A37 35CD4 SCM4354 AC38XГМ-35XM
25CrMo4 200-290 4130 1.7218|25CrMo44 708A25 25CD4 SCM420 20XM
36CrNiMo4 240-330 9840 1.6511|36CrNiMo4 817M37 40NCD3 SCNM439 40XH2MA
34CrNiMo6 270-360 4340 1.6582|34CrNiMo6 817M40 35NCD6 SNCM447 38X2H2MA
50CrV4 240-360 6150 1.8159|50CrV4 735A51 51CV4 SCM445H 50ХФА
AISI 4340 240-360 4340 1.6582|34CrNiMo6 817M40 35NCD6 SNCM447 38X2H2MA
AISI 4140 240-360 4140 1.7225|42CrMO4 708M40 42CD4 SCM440H 40XH2MA
High-quality carbon steel
Ck15 180-240 1015 1.1141|Ck15 080M15 XC12 S15C 15
Ck55 210-270 1055 1.1203|Ck55 070M55 2C55 S55C 55
C22 150-200 1020 1.0402|C22 055M15 ------- S20C 20
C35 170-230 1035 1.0501|C35 060A35 AF42C20 S35C 35
C45 190-240 1045 1.0503|C45 080M46 C45 S45C 45
C60 230-270 1060 1.0601|C60 060A62 C60 S58C 60
28Mn6 200-260 1330 1.1170|28Mn6 150M28 20M5 SCMn2 30Г
Ferrite and martensitic stainless steel
X20Cr13 230-290 420 1.4021|X20CrB 420S37 Z20C13 SUS420J1 20X13
X46Cr13 210-240 --------- 1.4034|X46Cr13 420S45 Z44C14 SUS420J2 40X13
AISI 410 140-200 410 1.4006|X12Cr13 410S21 Z10C13 SUS410 12X13
1.4021 230-290 420 1.4021|X20Cr13 420S37 Z20C13 SUS420J1 20X13
1.2344 360-530 H13 1.2344 |X40CrMoV51 BH13 Z40CDV5 SKD61 4X5МФ1С

Configuration produced forgings

NameSketch of forgingDimensions, mmWeight, tons
Smooth shafts of circular and square section D=100-1600 BxH=100-1700 x 100-1000 L<7200<60
Shafts of circular cross-section with ledges and flanges D=100-1600 d=150-1100 L<11000<60
Discs with / without a bore D<2000 d=130-150 H=100-1200<40
Drum rings D<3800 d<3600 H=100-1200<40
Cylinders with a bore D=360-1600 d=100-460 L<7000 <40
Plates, stamp cubes. H=100-1200 B<150-1200 L<300-6500 <50


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